Watches are a reflection of style and are often a significant investment. Traveling exposes precious belongings like these to various risks – from the rough handling of luggage to changes in environmental conditions. Watches, being delicate instruments, are particularly vulnerable. A good travel watch case does more than store a watch; it offers protection against shocks, scratches, moisture, and even theft. The safety of these precious timepieces is paramount. From budget-friendly options to luxurious splurges, here’s a roundup of the best travel watch cases of 2023 to keep your watches secure and stylish.

Best Travel Watch Cases of 2023

Shinola Travel Watch Case: A Timeless Classic

Shinola Travel Watch Case

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Shinola Travel Watch Case should be your top pick. Crafted in the U.S., its leather exudes a vintage charm reminiscent of timeless adventures. At $250, it promises both style and substance. Offering both quality and functionality, a zip-around closed secures the safety of your watch, and it will sit comfortably between a black suede-lined interior with recessed spaces for your timepiece. The watch is secured in place by snap closure tabs. And don’t worry about the glass scratching: a double-sided partition helps to ensure that. Where to buy: Neiman Marcus or Shinola

Benrus Black Watch Travel Case: Waterproof Wonder 

Benrus Black Watch Travel Case

If you like to surf, dive, or spend a lot of time with your watch near the water, you might want to check out the Benrus Black Watch Travel Case. Priced at a modest $45, this case will ensure your watch remains untouched by water, making it a traveler’s best friend. Beyond its waterproof capabilities, its shockproof and crushproof exterior ensures the watch remains safe even in tumultuous conditions. It can fit any watch size up to case size up to 65mm wide and 20mm height.  Where to buy: Benrus.

Invicta Plastic Watch Box Case: The Sturdy Shield 

Invicta Plastic Watch Box Case

For those who enjoy rugged adventures and like something much bulkier, the Invicta Plastic Watch Box Case, priced at $84.99, offers unparalleled protection. Its hardshell exterior guarantees safety against impacts, ensuring your timepiece remains pristine. This case can hold three watches, so if you’re traveling with a few of your favorite ones, you can add them inside. The egg-crate-style memory padding will keep your watch secure and scratch-free. Many people give this one great review because it’s sturdy, the box itself is well made, and if you want to showcase your watches, you can with this one. This one is for you if you like the big, bright, industrial feel and look. Where to buy: Amazon

Citizen Watch Roll Travel Case: Elegance in a Roll 

Citizen Watch Roll Travel Case

The Citizen Watch Roll Travel Case, available for $59, combines functionality with aesthetics. Its roll design ensures the watch retains its shape, while the transparent top panel adds a touch of sophistication. Users to admire their collection without exposing them to the elements. The case features an Ultrasuede interior and a zip closure. Where to buy: Citizenwatch.

Wind Up Watch Shop ADPT EDC Watch Fold: Foldable Fashion 

Wind Up Watch Shop ADPT EDC Watch Fold

For the minimalist traveler, this folding watch case is a wonderful choice. Its neoprene pockets adjust to your watch’s shape, ensuring a snug fit. Lightweight and durable, it’s a must-have for every traveler. This is a good choice for someone who is into a more rugged, outdoorsy look. The design features 100D nylon and 550 paracords and is rugged, sleek, and durable. It comes in a lot of different colors. The EDC Watch Fold – Asphalt Black is $85.00. Other colors include Autumn Brown, Hunter Green, and Concrete Gray. Where to buy: Wind Up Watch Shop.

Lorenzi Milano Leather Watch Case: Luxurious Leather

Lorenzi Milano Leather Watch Case

If you seek luxury, the Lorenzi Milano Leather Watch Case, priced at a whopping $610, is the epitome of opulence. Handcrafted in Italy, it promises quality, style, and unmatched elegance. Where to buy: Mr. Porter

Watched Single Watch Travel Case: Budget Beauty

Watched Single Watch Travel Case

For those on a budget, the Watchpod Single Watch Travel Case, priced at an affordable $15, offers value without compromising quality. Its nylon exterior and velvet interior ensure your watch remains scratch-free. A lot of people like this because it’s lightweight and keeps watches safe and protected. It has more than 750 reviews on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating, which is impressive for its low cost. Where to buy: Watchpod Cases 

Mark & Graham Travel Watch Roll: Multiple Timepiece Marvel 

Mark & Graham Travel Watch Roll

Are you traveling with more than one watch? The Mark & Graham Travel Watch Roll, priced at $129, is your go-to. It’s functional and fashionable, with space for three separate and protected watches and a hidden compartment for accessories (storing cufflinks or small watch tools). It comes in three different colors: black, camel, and chocolate. If you want, you can also add a debossed monogram to add a personal touch. Where to buy: Mark & Graham


When selecting a case, always consider the number of watches you’ll be carrying, the type of protection you need, and any additional features that might be beneficial. With the right case, your watches will remain safe, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead. Choose the right travel watch case to ensure your timepieces stay safe and stylish. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, there’s a watch case out there for every traveler.

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