Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe?

Let’s talk about Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe? Traveling alone allows you to see the locations you like without worrying about pleasing others. So, if you’re heading to Thailand, prepare for a fantastic experience. But if you have some travel jitters, it’s normal to question whether traveling alone in Thailand is safe. Many of us do when we’re headed out to the unknown for the first time. Generally, traveling alone in Thailand is okay. However, as in every other country, you should keep a few pointers in mind to keep yourself safe from pick pocketers or dangers. Read on to learn about how you can stay safe on your trip.

Safety and Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe?

A Few Helpful Suggestions

How do we know Thailand is safe? Well, there’s a few ways. Statista shows that the crime rate in Thailand is lower than other regions in the world like the United States, with violent crimes against foreigners being very rare. And according to Travel Ladies, it is ranked #9 for female travelers traveling alone.

The country is well known for its hospitable culture, and most travelers have a good time there. After all, Thailand is named “The Land of Smiles”. Thailand is also a welcoming Buddhist-majority nation. That makes us feel comfy. But our cares shouldn’t be thrown out the window. As with anywhere else, you’ll want to take certain precautions to keep yourself safe.  

Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe? Always Use Common Sense

You use noggin. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t carry large amounts of cash (consider getting a wallet like this one that keep your stuff safe and secure), and it’s best to avoid wandering the streets late at night. (For best travel wallets, you might also want check my other post here). Like any other nation, you shouldn’t walk alone in some places. So, in general, avoid unfamiliar areas, especially if you are traveling alone.

Avoid Reckless Behavior

Don’t drink too much. Pay attention to those around you when you’re walking or hiking, and if someone asks if you’re alone, say you’re with a friend, a spouse, or a family member. If you feel uncomfortable outside, go to a public place or catch up with a group.

And it should go without saying to bring only what you need when traveling. So, you should have your credit cards, some cash, ID, and phone. Keep these items secure so you always know where they are. Keep the bag or wallet down with these items out of the line of sight. You might want to consider buying an anti-theft sling bag. Its sensible and looks sharp.

Keep your bling at home. There’s no need to attract potentially unwanted attention.

Share Your Travel Plans

Whether you’re going to Thailand or anywhere else, sending your travel plans (itinerary, hotel reservations, and any other information) to your friends or family before you go is a good idea. Stay connected with your friends and family occasionally, whether through email or social media.

Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe? – Staying Safe in Taxis

You’ll also want to make sure you take caution when traveling in taxis. While not frequent, some cases of abduction have happened in the past. So, if you need a cab, use a taxi app like Grab, which is convenient and safe. You book your ride in advance, and you’ll know your driver’s personal details (it’s recorded in the app, so it’s much less likely they will commit a crime).

Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe? Watch out for Drink Spiking

Thailand Solo Travel Is It Safe - Watch out for Drink Spiking

Many reports indicate that if you’re a woman, you will not likely be subject to catcalling and street harassment. Still, there have been some cases where female (and male) drinks have been spiked, the aim either being robbery, sexual assault, or some other criminal aim. Remember, you’re more vulnerable if you’re alone and heading to a bar or club. So, try to find some friends you can hang with. If you can’t, keep your drink with you, and don’t let it out of your sight. You might want to invest in a Birdie, it’s a personal safety alarm that gets attention and hopefully keeps a person whose up to no good at bay.

Don’t Assume Other Tourists Are Your Friends

Thailand Solo Travel - Don't Assume Other Tourists Are Your Friends

It’s natural to gravitate to someone who speaks your language. If you see someone out there who’s from where you are, you might feel the urge to strike up a conversation. Remember, though, that there might be tourists or even expats who might not have the best intentions. Thailand has long been known as an “anything goes” place, attracting dodgy types. It doesn’t mean everyone is bad, but keep your guard and be wary. We’ve all been blessed with common sense. Use it.

Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe? Avoid Scams

The nation isn’t overrun with con artists. However, you should remember a few things to help you stay out of situations like this. For example, politely decline assistance from a native who speaks good English. Additionally, it might not be the best idea to rent a motorcycle. Numerous sources state that businesses that hire this kind of equipment are notorious for con artists who take advantage of travelers by pretending that they caused damage to the vehicle and then extorting hefty sums of money to pay for the repairs. Additionally, politely decline if a taxi driver offers to take you to a jewelry store. That might be a fraud waiting to happen.

Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe? Learn a Bit about the Culture

Thailand Solo Travel Is It Safe - Learn a Bit about the Culture

Before you head out on your journey, take some time to learn about the local customs and culture. People can run into trouble if they ignore this. Example? Sure. Here’s one. There’s not as much skin shown at religious sites and areas where tourists don’t travel as much. So be sure to pop out that bikini or swim trunks for well-populated tourist areas. 

Also, take the time to brush up on some common phrases. Some examples include 

“sawatdee-ka/kap” (hello for women/men) and “kop kun ka/kap” (thank you for women/men). That will be greatly appreciated by the locals.

Also, respect the customs and cultural expectations of Thailand. It is a very spiritual place.

Thailand Solo Travel: Is It Safe? The Final Word

While you’re out and about, remember there are many things to do in Thailand. So, without worrying about anyone else, do something fun, exciting, and different. However, remember the tips discussed in this article to keep yourself safe. Use common sense, be careful when choosing a taxi, safeguard your drinks, and keep your purses and bags nearby. Happy traveling!


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