If you’re heading out on a vacation or a fun adventure and need the best snorkel gear for travel, you’ve come to the right place. The sets listed are perfect for those who are starting out and those who are more experienced. And those looking to save money will definitely find budget-friendly options. While some resorts will lend you snorkeling gear for a price, buying your own will ensure that it fits properly and the gear is clean.

Beginner Snorkeling Gear for Travel at Budget-Friendly Prices

Cressi Palau SAF Set

Cressi Light Weight Premium Travel Snorkel Set for All Family

The Cressi Palau Short Fin Set is a good bet for novice snorkelers. This one has been on the market for over two decades. Since it’s for beginners, it only comes with a few features – like offering a panoramic view – but it’s a simple option that works well underwater. It has a silicone skirt to ensure there won’t be any leaks, and the Supernova “dry” snorkel keeps water out of the breathing tube. It also comes with a storage bag, so it’s easy to carry. Most reviewers note that it’s comfortable and easy to use. You can find this one on Amazon for $75.00.  

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set with Gear Bag

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set with Gear Bag

If this is your first time snorkeling and you’re wondering if you’ll use the equipment long-term, an excellent no-frills option would be the Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set with Gear Bag. The kit includes a beginner-friendly dry-top snorkel, mas, short fins, and a mesh carrying case weighing only about two pounds. There are a lot of different colors and sizes available, so it’s a great choice whether you’re looking for one for yourself or a child (currently at $42.99).

Best Snorkeling Gear for Kids

Head by Mares Italian Collection Premium Youth Sea Pals Character Kids Mask Fin Snorkel Set Snorkeling Gear

Talking about best snorkel gear for travel, if you’re heading out with your little one, this adorable set by Mares is a great choice. It comes in three colors for boys and girls. It’s comfortable, affords the protection they need, and is available at Amazon for $42.98. Most reviewers love it because it’s good quality; the flippers are comfortable, the snorkel has a splash guard, and it comes with a backpack.

Best Snorkeling Gear for Travel – For the More Experienced Diver

Phantom Aquatics Rapido

Phantom Aquatics Rapido Boutique Collection

This set comes with a panoramic mask, and features tempered glass, expanding your field of view to see more while diving. The snorkel offers superior dry performance and a removable mouthpiece. This set also comes with an EZ Equalize nose pocket, which allows you to adjust to the sea pressure. The dry snorkel keeps water out and is comfortable.

This is considered by many a highly quality set at a reasonable price. You can pick this one up at Amazon for $73.29. It also comes in various colors, so you’ll surely find something that meets your preferences. 

Cresi Big Eyes and Supernova Dry

Cressi Big Eyes - Supernova Dry - High Performance Snorkeling Diving Adult Set

Another great option is the Cresi Big Eyes and Supernova Dry. This one is more expensive; you can find it on Amazon for $62.95, but it has some neat features. The first is the ‘Big Eyes’ on the mask. It’s an inverted tear-drop lens to make downward visibility easier and manage your bc-mounted gear. Also, the mask is made from high-grade silicone, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. The Supernova dry is another cool feature that has a dry-top valve. It seals the breathing tube when submerged under water. If any water does get it, there is a lower purge valve so you can quickly expel it. Many people like this set because it’s comfortable and easy to use.

Individual Snorkeling Gear Components 

This review focused primarily on sets, but it’s certainly true that you can also buy each part individually. Sets are preferable because (a) it’s easier on your wallet, but it’s (b) also the best choice if you’re not sure you’ll be snorkeling often. 

However, if you decide you’re in it for the long haul, you can consider purchasing different parts individually. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Look for a silicone skirt. Whether the mask has a silicone skirt matters 100% because it creates a watertight seal that keeps the water out while allowing you to stay comfortable as the pressure of the sea changes.
  • Choose products with tempered glass. Tempered glass is more robust and more transparent. Anything else wouldn’t be a suitable choice.
  • Window type matters. Masks will come in either one or two window or full-face varieties. If you’re diving deep, you’ll need a two-window mass.
  • Consider fit. Your mask should fit snugly, but it shouldn’t be too tight. If you’re in the water for a long time, having an indent where the seal makes contact with your skin is normal.

A good option for a mask is the Seaview Full Face Snorkel Mask at Amazon for $59.99 or the Ocean Reef – Aria QR for $89.99 (you can attach your GoPro camera to both if you want). And for fins, check out the Mares Avanti Superchannel FF Fins at Amazon for $89.95.

Also, whether you’ve purchased the set or an individual item, ensure that after you use your gear, you clean everything with fresh water and let it dry away from the sunlight. You might need to soak the gear in warm water with soap (dish detergent is okay). This will help ensure your gear stays clean and lasts a long time. Happy diving out there!

Best Snorkel Gear for Travel

Choosing the best snorkeling gear for travel can be challenging. With so many options, the best choice may not be obvious. You want to look for something comfortable, durable, and good quality that’ll last you a while. Getting gear that’s compact and lightweight is also essential for your travels. The picks in this article were chosen because of the value for money and the performance in these categories.

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